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Abstract Presentations

Dear presenter, 

Please  make sure you register for the congress before November 1st, 2023 for your abstract presentation at the congress and publication of your abstract in the electronic Book of Abstracts. Please note that abstracts will be published as submitted. Please find below guidelines for preparing your presentation. Contact us for any additional queries you may have.

Guidelines for preparing for oral presentation

  1. The content. The content of an effective platform presentation should be clear, focused, and concise. Furthermore, it may contain eye-catching illustrations, diagrams, graphs and/or photographs with clear and attractive layouts. Please make sure that you introduce yourself by stating your name at the beginning of the  presentation and by placing your name and the names of your co-authors on the title slide. Keep the material simple and concise. Use only pertinent information to convey your message. Make full use of the space, but do not overfill a page with information, as the result can often appear unattractive and difficult to read. When showing results, present only those that illustrate the main findings of your research. All authors are required to provide their own financial disclosure statement on the last slide of the presentation, either disclosing all financial relationships with commercial interests or indicating that none exist. If there is no conflict, the following statement may to be used: “All authors have declared no conflict of interest”.

  2. Formatting of your presentation. Set the presentation slide size to widescreen 16:9 and landscape (horizontal) orientation. Please limit text lines to a maximum of 7 per slide. Ensure readability of your presentation. Please keep in mind that contrast is key when choosing your colors and shades. Use a typeface that is particularly simple and clear. Do not use more than 2 font types as too many types distract. It is suggested that you use Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman with a font size of 28.  

  3. How the oral presentation sessions will run: The primary author/ one of the authors should present the research 7 mins and take questions for 3 minutes. A list of names will be available on a schedule together with the program by mid November. Please take full responsibility for checking the schedule to ensure you know when and where you will be presenting.

  4. The file of the presentation is named according to the following template: (ID of your submission)_(surname of the presenting author).

It will be loaded onto the computers at the congress venue before the presentation.

Guidelines for ePoster presentation

Please prepare an eposter in a PDF version. In efforts to remain eco-friendly, there is no need to print your poster.

Use Powerpoint (pptx) or Adobe (pdf) or Word (and convert to PDF) to create your poster. You will have to load your poster onto the provided link on our website before 24 November 2023.

Please check this website for the specific link to load your poster online according to your schedule.

We have a poster café set up for 3 minute presentations and 2 minute question sessions during lunch and coffee breaks. A list of names will be on a schedule. Please check your slot and be ready at your station to present your work. The schedule will be available to you with the programme by mid November 2023.

EPosters must be created on a single page in landscape mode.

The Poster should include :

  • Abstract Title, Authors, Affiliations, Abstract number

  • Background, Objectives, Method, Results, Conclusion

Font types: Arial
Font size: 16 points or larger
Hyperlinks, animated images, animations and videos are not permitted.
Images and tables: at least 200 dpi. Good picture quality is essential.
When inserting images, photos, tables, etc., use copy-paste. Do not use embedded documents.
Avoid overlapping objects and layers. Only the final view/status will be visible.
When saving your PDF please do not use symbols or special characters (ie. +/@/ü) in the file name
File size: Less than 5 MB

Keep it simple, clear and concise. Your poster needs to be eye-catching and attractive but filling up your poster space with clutter can be distracting for the viewer. Leave plenty of white space. Ensure that your font size is large enough to be legible from at least a meter away (e.g., 16 - 18 for the text and 24 - 36 for headings).

Present information the way you would normally read—left to right, top to bottom.

Use columns and line breaks to divide the poster into smaller sections. Use bullets instead of long paragraphs to summarize information.

Maintain a good contrast between the background colour and the text. Consider using a light colour background and a dark text. A gradient colour fill background, especially black, is not recommended.

IDPA Congress Rules:
Abstracts are invited in two broad categories:

I. Research: Refers to work that has a research question, hypotheses, research methodology and results and discussion.

II. Models/Programs: Refers to work related to developmental pediatrics that is not research but that can be showcased as a model for low and middle income countries (LMIC) and/or that is a program that has been in effect with positive outcomes for children and/or families.

Abstract Resources

Abstract Booklet

Powerpoint Presentation Slide Template

Abstract Submissions are now closed

Abstracts submissions are now closed (since 31 August 2023).

Thank you all for your submissions. We are looking forward to showcasing more than 200 research abstracts.