Mentorship Dinner by Invitation

29 November

Gala Dinner: Kgotla

30 November

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The IDPA Congress 2023 will be fully accredited. Details to be announced.

The IDPA Congress aims to take the lead in developing this bounty of human potential with an exciting programme. Join in, share and gather insights with the potential for improving child health and development across the world.

Africa is coming alive!

Children on the African sub-continent have and continue to suffer disproportionately compared to their global cousins. The global pandemic, loss of schooling during lock-downs, the energy crisis and growing food insecurity have heaped further burden on the developmental risk factors already challenging our community.

And yet, Africa is coming alive with possibility for human flourishing. While plunging birth-rates have reduced youth in populations across the Global North, in sub-Saharan Africa, improved child mortality outcomes will see this region host around 40% of the world’s children by 2050.

Here are the main themes our programme will be bringing you:

  • Context: What determines the developmental outcome of a child, and what can we learn from specific contexts that might be applicable in your region, or even globally?

  • Climate: What role does climate variation and extreme weather events play on early childhood development, especially in under-resourced settings?

  • Policy: What are the implications of newly developed population-level measures of child developmental health on the development of new and innovative public health policies?

  • Inclusion: How do we include children with developmental disorders into meaningful roles in society?

  • Models: What are some of the promising new systems emerging and being modelled for improving access and care?

Our meeting will include disciplines that span all aspects of advancing work in early child development and childhood disabilities; including, paediatrics, family medicine, public health, child mental health, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, child development and education, early intervention, special education, social services and policy makers.

We are excited to offer you a programme reflecting advances in the global science, practice and policy in this exciting field. Take away the unique insights to be gained from your peers working in child health and development in the African eco-system and around the world.

Programme at a glance